Orphan Master’s Son #3

Commander Ga and Sun Moon witnessed a hungry man stealing an ostrich egg. Ga asked who suffers more; the hungry man or the guard who has to punish the hungry man? Sun Moon answered “isn’t it the bird that suffers?” Who do you believes suffers more? Why?


One thought on “Orphan Master’s Son #3

    Sherri Miller said:
    September 24, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    I believe they all suffer, even Commander Ga and Sun Moon. The hungry man is suffering because he is forced to steal to find nourishment because the government doesn’t adequately provide nutrition, even when they report that there is plenty. The inability to commiserate with his comrades makes him suffer too. The man that must punish him suffers because he understands the plight and is forced to dehumanize someone for trying to fulfill a basic human need. The bird suffers because it loses it’s offspring and Commander Ga and Sun Moon suffer because they know what is going on but cannot (will not?) do anything to change the course of action.

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